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                         Christian Theological Research Fellowship


Meeting at the AAR

Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                  October 30 - November 1,  2010


American Academy of Religion Session


Theme:  Mission, Ecumenism and the Centennial of Edinburgh 1910



In 1910, the World Missionary Conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Protestant understandings of mission and missionary work were discussed along with exhortations for cooperation and the promotion of Christian unity.  Many consider the Conference to be the start of the modern Ecumenical Movement.  In honor of the Conference centennial, the CTRF calls for papers on the topics of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference and its initial or continuing influence on Christian mission and ecumenism. 


Papers may pursue one of the following topics pertinent to the World Missionary Conference:

1.       The state of Christian missionary theory and practice in the world today.  Missionary work, in particular, has come under scrutiny, due to increased contact with people from other religions and cultures.  Issues such as evangelism, proselytism, and interfaith relations have become particular points of controversy. 

2.       The state of Christian ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, including:  the definition or theology of ecumenism, its historical development in the wake of Edinburgh, and contemporary challenges and prospects for ecumenism and interfaith relations.  CTRF particularly invites proposals that provide insight into various expressions of ecumenism, and constructively promote Christian cooperation and unity in the future.


 The deadline for submission is Monday, March 15, 2010. Please submit an electronic abstract, including a working title (750 word maximum), in Microsoft Word format, along with any pertinent personal information to Bernie Van De Walle, President, Christian Theological Research Fellowship, at 



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