The Christian Theological Research Fellowship is pleased to announce the free distribution of its abstracts and papers from our annual meetings.
We keep the last ten years of papers.  For published, peer-reviewed articles, see the Journal for Christian Theological Research.


Papers of the 2008 meetings in Chicago and Boston

AAR Sessions:

(Full Text) 'The End of Evangelicalism?  Discerning a New Faithfulness Amidst the Ruptures
    David Fitch, Northern Seminary

SBL Sessions

Papers of the 2007 meeting in Washington D.C.

Abstracts Only are available. 

AAR Sessions:

'Rise up and Walk:' Healed Bodies and the Performance of the Resurrection
    M. Therese Lysaught, Marquette University

Tibi placent in nobis: Resurrection and Relics
    Keith Starkenburg, University of Virginia

Resurrection and the Christain Moral Life
    Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

SBL Sessions

Paul, The Resurrection and the End of Violence
    Michael Gorman, St. Mary's Seminary and University

The Implications of the Resurrection for the Priestly Office of Jesus Christ
    Luke Tallon, University of St. Andrews

Christ's Resurrected Body as Key to a Nonviolent Theology of Location
    Sarah Morice Brubaker, University of Notre Dame

Christology, Violence and the Resurrection
    Joseph A. Bracken, Xavier University

Papers of the 2006 meeting in Washington D.C.

Abstracts Only are available.

The Potential for Dialogue between Theology and Natural Science in the Thought of Karl Rahner
    Mary Veeneman, Fordham University

The Gift of Science: A Theological Perspective
    David Wilkinson, St. John's College, Durham, England

Parousia and Phyiscal Cosmology
    F. LeRon Shults, Agder University College, Norway


Papers of the 2005 meeting in Philadelphia     
Abstracts Only are available.

Holy Creatures Living among Other Holy Creatures in a World that is Holy
    Steve Bouma-Prediger, Hope College

"The Play is the Thing....": Re-reading the Doctrine of Creation under the Second Article
    Kimlyn J. Bender, University of Sioux Falls

A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Case for a Holistic Reading of the Biblical Story of Redemption
    J. Richard Middleton, Roberts Wesleyan College

Papers of the 2004 meeting in San Antonio     
Abstracts Only are available.

Creational Ethics is Public Ethics
    Guenther Haas, Redeemer University College


'Politics as the art of dying': Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Mark Husbands, Wheaton College


What Makes Theology "Political"?: 'Come Let Us Reason Together'
    D. Stephen Long, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Papers of the 2003 meeting in Atlanta                 
Abstracts Only are available.

Liturgical Hospitality: Theological Reflections on Sharing in Grace
    Hans Boersma, Trinity Western University


Eucharistic Consecration and Eucharistic Sacrifice in East and West
    Walter D. Ray, St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity


Aesthetics and Worship in the Reformed Tradition
    David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh

Papers of the 2002 meeting in Toronto             
Abstracts No Longer Available

What Sort of Human Nature?
    Marilyn McCord Adams, Yale University

Can Narrative Christology be Orthodox?
    Jonathan Wilson, Westmont College

Claiming Jesus as Savior in a Religiously Plural World
    Gabriel Fackre, Andover Newton Theological School

Papers of the 2001 meeting in Denver                  

Scripture and Theology: Failed Experiments, Fresh Perspectives
Joel Green

Appropriating Karl Barth's Theological Use of Scripture in Contemporary Theology
Todd Pokrifka-Joe

Postmodern Sachkritik: The Theological Use of the Bible after Modernity
David Lose

Blessed Rage for a Supernatural Text: The Doctrine of Inspiration and the Religious Use of Scripture
Kurt Richardson

Papers of the 2000 meeting in Nashville             

The Provident Priesthood: The Ethical and Communal Imperatives for Preaching and Teaching the Doctrine of Providence
Michelle Bartel

After Tilley: The Sustaining Relevance of the Problem of Suffering as a Concrete Question
Todd Billings

He Takes Back the Ticket ... for Us: Providence, Evil, Suffering and the Vicarious Humanity of Christ
Christian D. Kettler

Monday's Coming: Problem and Providence in Black and Womanist Theology
Telford Work

Papers of the 1999 meeting in Boston                 

Liberating Political Theology Today
Anselm K. Min

The Politics of Disenchantment
Frederick Bauerschmidt

Apocalypsis and Polis: Pauline Reflections on the Theological Politics of Yoder, Hauerwas and Milbank
Douglas Harink

Papers of the 1998 meeting in Orlando                

All 1998 papers are available in Adobe Acrobat Format.

Liberation from the Intellectual Ghetto: Setting Doctrine Free to Embrace and Invigorate Life
Vincent Bacote (revised file uploaded 10/27/98)

Theology After Heidegger: Religious Identity and Ontological Difference
Jeffrey Bloechl (revised file uploaded 9/16/98)

Beyond Foundationalism: Is a Nonfoundationalist Evangelical Theology Possible?
Stanley J. Grenz

Papers of the 1997 meeting in San Francisco      

Individuals and Communities, Vocation and Discernment: Theology, Ethics and Postmodern Possibilities
Michelle J. Bartel
lso available in Microsoft Word format.

The Threefold Body: Theology After Suspicion.
Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt
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Also available in Microsoft Word format.

Preaching in a Postmodern Wor[l]d: Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics as Homiletical Conversation
Jeffrey F. Bullock
Also available in Microsoft Word format.

The Church as a Community of (Un)Common Grace: Toward a Postmodern Ecclesiology
D. Lyle Dabney
Also available in Microsoft Word format.